Saturday, November 24, 2018


It has been so long that now it seems European Union Privacy laws require me to explain that this site uses cookies. Okay. You got me.

Here is a link - to where the writing is...

Probably some data mining going on in a room full of AI that no doubt own you already - cookies and all.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Because I haven't in a while.
Because I think of things to say and never do.
Because it is a Thursday in Mildura.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tokyo is Yours GRM

Graff is everywhere in Tokyo - but seemingly contained. It does not venture outside of the square too often, and when it does, it is capable of pulling public transport to a halt. Seriously, trains stop so that graffiti can be removed. It is a city that on one hand shoots single use plastics onto the consuming public with rapid force (you wipe your hands, throw the wrap away, each meal), and on the other hand shames tenants who don't separate PET from bubble wrap, because recycling and the avoidance of waste is crucial. Therefore is stands to reason that slaps remain untouched until weather worn beyond recognition, whilst railway tags last only a moment.
Taro was one of the few home grown tags I saw repeated. I saw a lot of tags, but recognised most as the handy work of western visitors. There is even a Lush pussy in a very well to do area of Shibuya.
Tokyo is yours really intrigued me. Was it a welcome here, take us? Or was it a fuck you, you are taking us? Either way worked. Again, that double edge.
And then sometimes I couldn't tell graff from advertising. Well, not really, but sometimes.
A rarer site - 'street art'
TK up and bold, throwie in centre of a busy shopping area
The oddity of tags sticking to the sides, not offending, just happily filling peripheral space.
A rare site - a tag that ally vandalises
Nice throwie hidden behind vending machines.
One of the only paste ups I saw.