Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not Pretty Enough (bei mir bist du shayn)

I lived in St Kilda when Muso's and artists were moving on, paving the way for grunge to evolve into cool. They left the gays and Jews to cohabit in a blissful marriage of tradition and experimentation: The 1990's. It was all designer runners, comic teeshirts, 3/4 denim, warehouse parties, Midsummer, Miss Candy, The Palais, Russian bakeries.

To fireworks, dance music and Calvin Kleins (the pills not the jeans) the new millennium was welcomed. The Y2K bug didn't destroy us, but the new era killed St Kilda. The place soon became so cool it was hot, and it melted into one big festering mess of poo-beige.

The pretty people demanded nicer amenities, the removal of the prostitutes from each street corner, a clean up of Blessington Street, and a curfew on noise. They wanted a gentrified St Kilda. A nice place to raise designer kids and irritating dogs...or was it designer dogs and irritating kids? 

The old Jews survived the most horrendous experience of the holocaust, arrived on our shores, and built this wonderful city. Then they not only existed but thrived through it's darkest days, its hard days and its party heydays, to be left with this...Meh.  Nudne.*

Which brings me, of course, to Fitzroy this week... bushland? FFS!!!?! 
"... Cr Fristacky said she would have preferred a mural of scenery of bushland or the Abbotsford Convent. "I would say [the Sofles piece] is OK in a magazine or a book. But in public art I have my reservations."

To see the offending Adnate Sofles Smug collab check out Dean's page 
 *Apologies for bad, inappropriate or offensive Yiddish I am just a Goy

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Everything Is Awesome Is Melbourne InDesign Is Everything #mid2014 #InDesign_theevent

Melbourne In Design. The stuff of free booze, coffee, canapes, uberness, hipsters and near misses, art, design and show bags. A bit pedestrian, a bit who cares the booze is free. I couldn't wait to start this day. Had my E ticket and my new scarf. And the sky was so blue I thought I might die right there from this *omfg* I live in the best place in the world, fuck I'm lucky kinda awesomeness. Stars were seriously aligning in Flasher Land today...and here is why:
This ART
This GUY (Philip Stokes)


This LAME stuff 

This COOL #merkism

Oh and I met RONE!!!!!!

I shit you not! R_O_N_E


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chapter Five: 11 Minutes Late

11 minutes late, mate
Or was I early?

660 seconds really
Another 6 and it would be,
Well you figure it

But the devil is in the detail
And the detail is in the timing
Which for all intents
For me at least
Is an old man
At the lights

Monday, August 11, 2014

I don't play Candy Crush!

I don't sign petitions
I am not going to 'like' your page just because you ask me too
I am gonna wank on about Precious Little Precious Few Precious just fucking wow ! Cos there is talent right there
I am not going to your event in Germany, France, Belgium, England or Italy - so don't invite me. And select people to invite rather than block inviting. Do you even know where Australia is ? Seriously Bro's!!!
And I sure as fuck have no desire to play fucking Candy Crush.
I just wanna take good pictures and talk about street art and graffiti and bottles and cans ...
Okay and I also wanna crap on about Australian Politics, feminism, queer politics, anarchism, world peace and my dog
But NO Fucking Candy Crush!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Fitzroy Flasher est. 2010

221 posts since 14th November 2010. That is not a great average. So less talk, more posting. Here are some things ....super old stuff...walls that went...and came back...and didn't

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The walls that went

My greatest flaw as a commentator on street art, graffiti and urban art 'discourse' is my point of reference. This being an assumption of impermanence,  difference and a direct link between art and social position. For the next while I am going to assume that all of my assumptions are false, and see where this takes me.

Urgent Notice: #profeminism and #antihate may cause Homosexia

I am an ex-member of the Global Bloggers Network. This is a network that emails the work of various bloggers around the traps, for members to take a look at. So, this morning when I was still a member, this shit hit my inbox: 
Ayn Dillard
We are to accept gays as they flaunt themselves in parades down our streets… ?but they get all...
GB Network: how's about you try screening selected blog content prior to dishing vile crap like this to unsuspecting members.
I also recently discovered that I may have "homosexia" because I have tried pot (or more accurately "weeds"). 

I was just listening into my son Dennis' room, when I heard him making plans with an urban to visit London to see "A book of more men". It's obvious that Dennis has consumed weeds and contracted homosexia because of it. I guess he doesn't want any of the offerings of House Murphy. Too bad that someone may end up calling Mr Ferguson, his boss tomorrow and 'advising' that no salary be paid to him for the next few months. God bless. -Martha

I do wonder if Martha is a fictitious character sending up the extreme right - I hope so. Brilliant if so. Otherwise I have a new obsessive hobby to follow instead of obsessing over the Westboro repressed automatons.

F.F.S! There I was thinking the #womenagainstfeminism was enough stupidity for one week. I mean, thank you for letting us know woman are equal. Maybe we can tell that to the families of the women raped and killed in India - that will be comfort for them, knowing it will now be safe for their other daughters to dare to, I don't know, catch a fucking bus.
I suppose I should be thinking of the perfect response, but this idiocy brings out the child in me. I would rather deface shit and laugh at them then try any futile use of logic. If they could reason, they wouldn't be this stupid. 

Stupid is harsh. I think that people who hold these types of beliefs may be suffering from a new syndrome I am hoping gets up in the DSM soon. I call it Acute Fucktardia (symptoms being bigotry, judgment, narrow mindedness, hate - more common in people who walk the earth voting right wing). 

I can't see a cure being found anytime soon, too many powerful institutions (many with lots of gold and chapels and hidden secrets) gain benefit from having these sufferers around. Bums on seats, and armies dumb enough to do their dirty work.

So if you encounter someone you suspect has the syndrome, just hold up your hand, maybe put a finger against their lips and quietly say " need to just fuck right off".  

Until we find a cure, this is the best advice I can offer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Chapter Four

Was it a sign? A message ? A mere coincidence read far into ? I darent think it yet I saw it

Friday, August 1, 2014

Different but not less

Can we all please drop things like superiority, smug bastardry, hypocrisy, fucktardedness, racism, sexism, hatred.... Embrace a few boats, Muslims, Jews, Fags, Hookers, Junkies, Spastics, Retards, Refugees and Bogans and just GET THE FUCK ALONG.... Deliberate use of offensive language to reduce it's potency so I really sincerely apologise for offence, and hug you. None of us are better than each other.

Posted with sincere intentions by The Flasher.