Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hot Stuff 2011

Too many things to mention here - 2011 in Street Art internationally has been huge and locally I swell with pride.  Like Violet and My Darling Darlinghurst, I keep loving Fitzroy more every day.

The Juddy Roller opened and bought us local interstate and international artists...

 Makatron did some huge and awesome commissions everywhere, among other things like exhibitions...
 Love, truth, hope, these words appeared and stayed...unknown artist...
 Kaff-eine came into our hearts with paste ups, and is now captivating us in aerosol and house paint.  Literally, and metaphorically getting bigger and bigger...
 Precious little demonstrated more than a talent for words, with an innate capacity for total awesome genius with the Ironlak
Klara exploded in bombings on the streets and with Urbex adventures bringing us truly stellar pieces, Sikel Freid proved to be a master of line, and Ishi One proved to be a master of wheatpaste.  I have run out of space to include photo's but if I keep going along those lines it is Doctor, Suki, Be Free, Freshchop...Civil, Barek...

 The AV crue remained prolific, as did Flies crew

 Grizzly opened to balance the other side of Fitzroy with big names and bigger coffee and Vetti blogged about it first
 Waa Waa paid us a visit
TV Crew did some really nice pieces as did BNF crew, and Frits in particular, a few pics down

 Taggers kept tagging, love them or loathe them, and I love them..Osirus being everwhere
 Cave Clan did the most hilarious bombing, rivaled only by Lush, and it is most true that Stickers are the new black (along with street art cafes)..
So there are a thousand photos I could show you still, here are a few more...The Dead Sets from the Hard Rubbish Show still make me laugh...and I have acquired some of them as well...

Oh Yeah, Flake remains an all time Fav...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just Bloggin' 'Bout Reka One

I have some rules about Blogging which stand me in good stead.  First, no faces.  Second, don't shit the artist.  No interview here (but I really really really want to do one), I was conscious that Reka was already harassed enough (see groupie in pic below).  Here is the amazing work he makes look so effortless, on a casual Monday after Christmas:

 If you didn't manage to spy the Reka below in it's full glory, I hope to post it soon, just have to find the photo.  It still looks hot sticking out above the piece.  From the ever changing Laneway of Contention.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Wall (s)

The Urban Cake Lady that for months was its only mark has all but disappeared.  Then along came Ruskidd, I and the Others, Kaff-eine, Klara, s-701A, Precious Little and Ishi-One.  SF and BabryGrrl are the latest.  I love this wall! p.s. is that a Jilt tag on the paste up on the window or a Jilt paste-up?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the fourth day of Christmas our Kaff-eine rocked dope art

Thank you for this project because it gives me pause to reflect on the awesome work done by each of the artists this year.  An especially big THANK YOU to the artists for making it really easy to take great pics.  Actually, any photo of any of your work looks cool by default.  THANK YOU to my fellow fanatics (Vetti, ArtyGraffarti, Street Tart, Dean Sunshine) who chase these artists down and chase my tail.  You keep me on my toes and buoy my enthusiasm.  And THANK YOU finally, goes out to Kaff-eine, for your reminder that this event had even started (I would have lived in November forever) and the tip off so I could sneak a pic before I headed into oblivion again!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This post is for the Graffers.  Flies Crew-F1(skary, Aeon, Tres, Histo, ikool, fact...I am gonna dedicate a post to these guys), Awol, BNF, SDM...Snez, Varsone, and everyone in between.  They are the backdrop of our laneways, the substance of the street.  A piece well executed can begin a space.  A tag well crafted becomes a welcome stranger.  They really are the Cornish Rex of public art: alive today and direct descendants of the early crews that started our compulsion for self expression on the street.

My Fav of the Day

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