Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nock and The Spotters

I didn't know I was a paint spotter until recently.  I initially reeled at the suggestion.  I am way too cool to be a paint spotter!  Like, seriously, I don't have to be the first who gets to the ..... um ....okay, well yeah, I've gotta be the first.  Ah,  but I don't have a big fancy that's a circumstantial fact and I have long envied others.  Hey but I don't collect images like they are ..... oh okay... yeah I do actually. I collect images.  I identify them,  place them in their rightful Flickr set, and if they appeal to me enough, I write posts about them.

We are a Motley crew, The Spotters, but we are unified by a combination of a passion for all things street, a keen desire to capture, name and trade, and a compulsive urge to seek.  And seek we do.  

I will tell you a bit about Our Kind by way of story telling.  I was told by a fellow spotter years ago that an image I had captured was none other than 'pyramid'.  Well it turns out this is wrong.  And my contemporary spotter friend Jes Richardson set me well and straight.  The artist of my desire is Nock.  

For many, this would not be a big deal.  But the exhilaration of hanging a name on a writer is indescribable.  You see, I have admired this writer since forever, and as is evident above, this dude is talented as FUCK.  He is bloody incredible.  I have just spent an hour devouring all that Arty Graffarti has had to say, all that he has found on the topic of Nock.

So in closing, I would like to proudly announce to the world that i DO embrace the Spotter in me, and I would like to nod to my fellow Spotters, who together create the rich repertoire of documentary that is the backdrop of the Melbourne Graf and Street Art Scenes....

And my paint spotting blog roll is....amongst the many many people who inspire and spur me to keep going: 

All Those Shapes - how this dude knows so many names he astounds me

Arty Graffarti - an absolute FAV of mine - he teaches me stuff every time I look

Our Jes Richardson - I hope she starts a blog soon, too much to not share

David Russell - ditto, awesome, get a blog Please (or correct me if you have one)

Preprint - I havent paid enough attention to your activities but I should, you are really awesome

Street Tart - Lorraine Ellis - what can I say, she makes me wanna get there before her!

The Urbex Goddess - Kitten of Doom - photography and observations from another level

Peter Adrianakis - amazing camera work, quiet achiever!

Broocee and his Transient Surfaces - definitely fancier than most and way more diverse

Now as you all know, if we are the Spotters, then the Patron of the Street Arts is certainly Mr Dean Sunshine.  He has a book out.  You know that.  We all do.  We all covet his balls and his energy.  I WILL interview him.  Soon!!!!

2012-11-10 09.01.21

2012-11-10 09.01.21
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what a handsome pair, Leagues and (?) Pyramid