Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kaff on Collins

What is Kaff-eine doing on Collins?  When approached by Alex at AZB Creative to be a part of the LMFF Windows By Design, as only Kaff can do, s/he said Yep and grabbed it by the horns. More accurately s/he grabbed it with a spray can, some cardboard and a shit load of genius and invited Baghead and Bigfoot to Collins Street.  Even when faced with the dilemma of actually attending the opening, armed with optimism and more front than Myer, Kaff just took a couple of Glamazons along and no-one noticed the paint on the black levi's.  Now this is nothing to be glib about, this is big shit.  I believe Kaff-eine was the only street artist invited to do a window, out of 12 talented folk including designers and sculptors.  Vetti picked up on some of the others, I have to confess I have only followed Kaff, although hats off all round.