Saturday, October 11, 2014

Razor Blades

I get all opinionated sometimes.  Shocking I know. Snark is my middle name when I am provoked to be snarky. So my response to a blog post today was heavily seasoned with vitriol, Flasher style. 
The author posed the questions "do unattractive people hate attractive people?" and worse, "do the poor hate the rich?". She may as well have handed me the baseball bat and placed a glass bollard in front of me because I wanted to smash her loaded questions right off their false premises. But it did get me thinking about what I value and that is an unconventional aesthetic. 
I am attracted to all that goes against the grain. Give me a monster throwie any day and I will piss on your Monet. Or tag it. Now THAT is hot. I am attracted to graffiti because it defines an aesthetic that is deplored by many. It is unconventionally attractive to those more open minded. And it is beautiful to the completely outer edge.
Graffiti separates the 'attractive'  idealists (eg those who utter "I hate tags but those murals are so pretty")  from the 'insidious sub culture' (eg those who think the lush pussy is rad and FYG should openly spell out Fuck Your God).
What I hate about the 'Murals are Pretty' mentality is exactly what I hated about that post I read today. It assumes to the same norm that tells us David Beckham is hot but Andrew Denton is weird looking. There might be some merit on the face of it but after an hour of talking over coffee which one has bored you shitless? 
So to answer the question posed (do unattractive people hate attractive people?) I have to say define attractive. Define rich. And if you mean attractive by convention then no. I don't think your 'unattractive' people are lining up to be you, and hate you for your loveliness. In fact I pity you because you value bullshit that means nothing. So yes. I am with Muriel. Fucking wanker.

Places I go

No words. Well these words. But this post is a visual of the places I go. More specifically the places I went yesterday and the day before. Also the places I went last week. Hashtag #deansunshine #landofsunshine #factor #cantonese #hongkonghouseguest #viggietang #faither #shida #dammad (yeah this dude is back!) #barek #smel #klara #lewisfidock #fidock ... More hashtags late