Saturday, December 13, 2014


This week I have been playing a game of  Facebook chasey. Facie Chasie. Preprint Poetry nominated me for the black and white challenge. Five days. Shoot, post, nominate and pass it on.  
 It has demonstrated either my acutely insular social media circle, or how widespread this method of communication can be. But that is another conversation, best had in my head or at night with variously drug/alcohol affected philosophers.
 In a blog post apparently it gets a bit boring, ruminations about the nature of social interaction in modern day.
 This is not boring though, this black and white challenge. I have selected a bunch of pics I took, unedited aside from being shot in black and white mode on my Sony Alpha 7r. Plug Plug...and aside from any change arising in the transfer from the world to me to camera to Picasa to JPeg to Blogger to you.

 Oh yeah, and I threw in a colour one - Yeh-Nah - you decide if black and white is awesome.

 I reckon nothing beats it