Monday, August 11, 2014

I don't play Candy Crush!

I don't sign petitions
I am not going to 'like' your page just because you ask me too
I am gonna wank on about Precious Little Precious Few Precious just fucking wow ! Cos there is talent right there
I am not going to your event in Germany, France, Belgium, England or Italy - so don't invite me. And select people to invite rather than block inviting. Do you even know where Australia is ? Seriously Bro's!!!
And I sure as fuck have no desire to play fucking Candy Crush.
I just wanna take good pictures and talk about street art and graffiti and bottles and cans ...
Okay and I also wanna crap on about Australian Politics, feminism, queer politics, anarchism, world peace and my dog
But NO Fucking Candy Crush!!!!!!