Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Captain and the Skipper

Vegan roasted Buckwheat, and The Captain and the Skipper. The first is a recipe I just made up tonight (nah, I do eat meat just trying to cut down). The second I just rediscovered. Does anyone know what happened to them?

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The number of blogging apps proliferating is ridiculous. This Blogsy one could be a winner.
I dragged this pic straight from Facebook albums. The image was my birthday wish for Precious Few this year. I took it in a laneway behind Piedemontes. Sorry not sure how to place it properly yet.
Naw and here is an oldie of Nufevah and my Dawg, from my Picasa account, taken near the Fitzroy Pools way back when, one winter morning.
By promising Yahoo that I will burn toast and sleep on the crumbs between flannelette sheets for a month, Flickr granted access my old sets. Fucking RAD. Above, I have dragged a snap from years ago, my favourite wall.
And here, just straight from my gallery, which was uploaded directly from my phone a couple of weeks ago.
And finally a recent self portrait from Instagram.

This Blogsy App has taken access to a new level. Every photo I have ever posted on any forum (not tumblr or twitter tho) is there, ready for me to grab. But it required a hundred passwords and a hundred more authorisations.

A cool thing about this is that you can immediately go to your posts and edit. From inside the App.
The coolest thing about this is that I can indulge instantly in links and comparisons. No more trawling through external drives for that throwie that was on that wall three years ago. I have them all here, to my right. Apologies in advance y'all about to be post bombed for a while. The modern version of sifting through that old photo box. I will try to make it slightly more interesting than that.