Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Is Vandal Spruce ?

I am not telling you anything new here, but in 2011 there are heaps of great new Paste Ups.  There are several "Hot Spots" in Fitzroy, where some artists are layering Paste Ups over old tags, pasting en masse, and generally just creating a visual explosion of colour and texture.  Think Flake, Drab, Suki, Doctor, Fresh-Chop and Kaff-eine, along with some that I am yet to recognise by name, so if you can help me out on that front please do.  What I am loving the most is this layering, its big Art on a grand scale.   I have just discovered the name Vandal Spruce, and it seems others got there before me.  I can be a bit slow on the uptake.  Their huge scale paste ups are mega cool, their choice of where to paste up even cooler.  I have also found "Captain and the Skipper" has filled a void where Ghost Patrol and Kali the Destroyer have been ripped down.