Monday, June 25, 2012

Sex Fish - SF by many names

Call him what you will but you can't call him derivative or talentless.  This guy is raw talent.  His line work is innately sharp.  With a deft shake of a can he marks out a few lines and they work.  He has characters, he writes, he is bloody funny sometimes and can be serious as well.   I have said it before and I will keep saying it until everyone notices...SF is Fresh.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


They appeared en masse one typical Melbourne morning.  There was dappled sunlight and a chill in the air.  The drone of traffic was a reminder that Fitzroy is bounded by all roads leading to work. For reasons beyond comprehension a couple were eating donuts from the new shop on Brunswick St as they waited for the 112.  Each tram was full and unbeknownst to all an A2 mystery had descended upon us.  A bombing mystery.

There are several reasons to classify this bombing as a mystery.

First, each piece consistently 'capped' really really good and larger pieces and throwies.  

Second, this only happened once, like a visitation from a different world.


Third, there seemed to be a heiroglyphic flavour to the messages they were sending, or trying to send.


Of course no capping can go unchallenged and TV Crew rapidly expressed their disapproval, although I am not sure if Peezer has noticed yet.  So this bombing has become a pile of ruins, evidence of an event that anthropologically, has no explanation.