Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Expansive Ring

I have to update you on the Giving Ring project I blogged about recently.  It has gone international, and into the fourth dimension, that intangible web that grows thick in the air around us.  What I love about the project is that it showcases many of the positives of social media, being from my perspective, comradery, speed of information sharing, and an element less definable about connectedness with no physical barriers.  Enough deep stuff - here are the other bloggers talking about it:

In a very sweet travel blog in Barcelona.

Our local Vin Knight (who is an amazing artist).

The effervescent and delightful Jeweller Miss Katie Jayne, on her blog Kaleidoscope (scroll down to October 24th, and also peruse her images of Chris Massey with a fish brooch, dashing!).

And of course, there is me, this is my third post.  Searching for the answer, who to give to...This week, it will be a Fait Accompli...