Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Inter-Location Project

I wrote a post last November about Love Hate Love, and how I was searching for who this might be and that for all my efforts all I had found was an Indonesian Street Artist, which whilst cool, was clearly not the artist I was looking for.  Except that today I am told that he was.  This answer has led me to a most excellent blog with a truly amazing premise: The Inter-Location Project.  This project basically seeks to 'build a bridge' between a city in Indonesia, and our very own Melbourne Town.

I haven't been this excited about this global world we occupy since I started following a Russian Photographer via Instagram.  Do not think about this concept too hard if you have had some whacky, but it does blow me away that we can now see right into someone else's world.  As much as it blows me away that you can be or know anybody in social media, and yet at the same time, have no idea who you are or who you know.  But that is another post...