Monday, May 23, 2011

Live your life Be Free

There are phrases that have universal appeal: just do it; choose life; Be Free. There are artists that people love to hate, who take the audience to dark places, piss them off or confront them. And then there are artists who tickle peoples fancy. I believe anything that intends to express and be felt, is Art. Lush tagging Kaff-Eine is brilliant. But Be Free, the artist to whom I tip my hat today, is brilliant in the latter sense. There is an innocence and longing in every piece. They invite you to pause, reflect, smile and remember. I have many people message me about this or that thing they saw, and hands down 9 times out 10 these days its a Be Free: "I saw this cool piece, it was this girl, and she had these cards" ... Be Free - you have our hearts.