Friday, October 28, 2011

Stickerporn and thank you Barek

You only have to search the tag stickerporn on Instagram to realise that, not only do all the greats make stickers, but stickers are as cool as aerosol or wheatpastes, just smaller and more easily transacted. You can't swap a piece on a wall but you can swap a sticker. Honesty, it is Stickers Without Borders out there. There is something tantalisingly nostalgic about loving stickers. It makes me 10 years old again, it brings out the stamp collector in me, the swap card nerd. I have some Bareks, some Kaffeines, and I intend to steal the Precious Little currently held by magnet to my fridge (sorry - you know who you are - you were asking for trouble flaunting it). Graft accepted! Special thanks to Barek for my Rad new collection...(who by the way features in a street art exhibition in Copenhagen soon!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Awesome street art blogs third installment

I have a feeling there can be no end to these installments, because every time I get complacent I look up and another blogger has seen more, posted faster, or just has it going on while I am, for example swanning around MONA (Bragedy Brag Brag) .  This list is for the bloggers, their (our) catalogues, their tenacious persistence and their archives... I never noticed this before, where have I been? He/she has made it to Makatron's exhibition too, which I am TOTALLY going to. Vetti is changing, getting edgier, I love it.  Thanks!  Melbourne Street Art never lets me down, I look longingly whenever I am away. Dean is always there, and sometimes I beat him in the chase, but frankly not very often!

Thank you all ! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have nothing to say

There is a poem by John Cage that comes into my head from time to time.  There are a heap of bloggers who talk about it.  Here is one.  So anyway it is called 14 variations on 14 words.  That is me today.
Here I have 14 images and they are art and I am saying it.
I am it and saying I have 14 art images here and are they?
They are 14 images saying art and I have it and I am here.
...okay this is too hard.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

On Giving Rings, and Other Things

I have been told it's time.  The site is thriving and I am being somewhat prolific.  I need to go all and fancy.  Unless, my adviser, if you are reading this, you are my only follower because you are the only person in the world who ever worked out how to use RSS feeds?

So yeah, I will probably make the transition fairly soon, watch this space.  In the meantime, I am going to faff around with the background and insert a few widgetty things someone else toiled over.  I have *finally* worked out that I really want a news column, and a feature column, so keep looking to the right of this post, although now it is starting to sound like I actually want to be a magazine...

Anyway enough about me...

Chris Massey, uber talented Jeweller, inspired artist and basically all round awesome person is making 40 sterling silver and ceramic rings, and giving them away, but with a twist....It is a bit pay it forward-esque (without the tragic demise of the cute kid)...I will let you LIKE it on facebook and you can follow for yourself.

Photographs above are copyright Mark Zuckerberg, or Chris Massey or both.  I basically borrowed them having no intention to claim them as my own.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Week in Fitzroy

What a difference a week makes.  We have new cafe/bar behind Naked for Satan.  The Deb and Drew Funk pieces are bloody beautiful.  I will take a pic of the actual venue next time - I was distracted, and a bit tired, and somehow missed the opportunity.  The other stand out change is that Lush has just about covered every inanimate object in Fitzroy with stickers.  And there are some pretty Kitsch paste ups making their way onto the endless stream of abandoned technology ... Ah it is good to be back! (with apologies that the images below are a bit under par)...

PS Apparently Ears has gone MAD on Gore Street - I didn't quite cover that ground today.  A day late and a dollar short!  Well done Brian ;)