Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Piece of Juddy

It opened onto an already creative streetscape, so expectations were high, and we eagerly anticipated the evolution of the space, which has been phenomenal.  For some of the substantial pieces click here, where I am collating a Juddophile Juddy File.  Everyone wants a piece on, or of, the Juddy Roller...

New BabyGrrrl, under an old stencil that has been around for years

Doctor is pasting some fresh cheese

Seen a few of these around, let me know if you know the artist (and below)

More Doctor, and Klara

This poster has lasted so long, with a bit if Lush, SF and DN

Klara (above), Doctor binning it, and I think matters are desperate for SF...

Lush all over the shutters



Colin, an emerging artist of interest, with Mullet on Brown Brick