Sunday, March 18, 2012


What a week in street.  I must start this post with a shout back at the good Snyder, who has seen us through rose colored frames at a time we have needed it the most.  An awesome post.  Everything on me is crossed for a solo show over here.  Okay enough pissing in that pocket.  

I give a nod to those who contacted me following my last post and reminded me of the importance of evolution.   I have paused on this idea all week and come to this conclusion: that response is part of the evolution.  Action:Reaction.  Think "Fuck off Toy", "Not Your Wall", "Art Fag", "You Sold Our Lifestyle Out" and "Only Tools don't leave Tags".

The pics I have chosen for this post are from the 'white wall' .  It began with an Urban Cake Lady.   Then followed I and the Others.   Next came Kaff-eine, Ishi One, Shida, Klara, Ruskidd, Precious, s701A, Frankie and Sikel Fried.  This was followed with a spectacular tag and 2 Baby Grrls.  More recently it has seen the arrival of Bubbles, Burg and Yoka Boka and at around the same time a heavy critique by capping.  It's like the wall expanded beyond its capacity and popped.  Evolution, (r)evolution.