Saturday, March 14, 2015

for the sake of it

I don't know why, but somewhere between January and now I made a few right turns and ended up focussed elsewhere. I started to focus my photography on Nth Fitzroy, reflecting images that represented what I was feeling as I pounded the pavement and not the other way around.

I used to walk the streets to kick a fix of art that made me happy. So the drive was what was out there, not what was 'in here' *pointing to self*.

This transition is weird, uncomfortable and leaves me with unease. You may even have noticed me shifting more over to Wordpress. It seems so much more grown up.

I can only reminisce today. Not much recent work to publish. I trust Fitzroy is enjoying its resurgence in street art, with so many huge names coming back - with the launch of Chopper Lane, the Paterson Project, and various commissioned jobs around the traps. I have enjoyed watching from afar.