Saturday, May 14, 2011

Even KD gets the Spruce

Since posting "Who Is Vandal Spruce" back in February my curiosity has deepened into a compulsion to find more. He has that affect on people.  There is a cheeky humour about the placement of his work and his choice of subject.  It's clever and it's drawn me in, and I am not alone.  This April KD Lang strolls past the skulls near Bimbo's in a  Getaway piece and the camera lingers on them.  Now in May Dean Sunshine has blogged what can only be described as a Vandal Bombing.  So here I am, back on the trail and turning down more streets than I mean to just to get a fix.  And here he is, this Vandal who is Sprucing up Fitzroy.
Check him in Flickr too