Saturday, August 23, 2014

Everything Is Awesome Is Melbourne InDesign Is Everything #mid2014 #InDesign_theevent

Melbourne In Design. The stuff of free booze, coffee, canapes, uberness, hipsters and near misses, art, design and show bags. A bit pedestrian, a bit who cares the booze is free. I couldn't wait to start this day. Had my E ticket and my new scarf. And the sky was so blue I thought I might die right there from this *omfg* I live in the best place in the world, fuck I'm lucky kinda awesomeness. Stars were seriously aligning in Flasher Land today...and here is why:
This ART
This GUY (Philip Stokes)


This LAME stuff 

This COOL #merkism

Oh and I met RONE!!!!!!

I shit you not! R_O_N_E