Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleep & Wake @ Egg Gallery

I missed Ryan's If It's Between Death and Magic so I was thrilled that Ryan and Hollie's Sleep and Wake fell into Fitzroy's lap.   I am a HUGE McGennisken fan.  I've been to the Rambler Collective gallery and know he associates with a very talented cohort so I eagerly anticipated Hollie Kelley.  The snap below does not do justice.  Hollie's work is truly magical, a strong compliment to the whimsical yet somber detail Ryan brings.   Her paintings draw you in.  It's the eyes that do it.

Ryan of course displays the intricate skill he is known for. You need to spend some time in front of his pieces because there is a serious dimension under the surface that has a lot to say.  Below are snippets, best viewed as a whole, beneath the ethereal installation.

I implore you to check this exhibition out.  A chilly day, a dialogue between two talented souls and an authenticity that makes you feel like they have laid it bare and hope that you like it.

I love it.

Egg Gallery 66a Johnson St