Monday, October 24, 2011

Awesome street art blogs third installment

I have a feeling there can be no end to these installments, because every time I get complacent I look up and another blogger has seen more, posted faster, or just has it going on while I am, for example swanning around MONA (Bragedy Brag Brag) .  This list is for the bloggers, their (our) catalogues, their tenacious persistence and their archives... I never noticed this before, where have I been? He/she has made it to Makatron's exhibition too, which I am TOTALLY going to. Vetti is changing, getting edgier, I love it.  Thanks!  Melbourne Street Art never lets me down, I look longingly whenever I am away. Dean is always there, and sometimes I beat him in the chase, but frankly not very often!

Thank you all !