Long live the App? Be careful what you wish for ...

Rumour has it that the browser is dead, that Apps have simplified our lives such that even dickheads like me can blog, tweet, tumble, and stumble our way to... well...to delusions of 'fame'. By fame I mean that platform from which we project our voices and a miniscule number of (highly intelligent, good looking, spunk muffins) listen in one lonely ego stroke.
Money = Antihuman #streetartfitzroy
Apps really have found their market, and before the market even knew that they were being searched for. They have discovered our Achilles heel: EGO. And ego in our western ideologies, is everything. So for this reason I feel fear, I see danger, and I take issue. I thought I just wanted to write about Fitzroy and its streets and politics. But did I? Or have I just been another sucker buying into a dream created to fleece me of my very identity? And why am I at the mercy of these monsters? There is no coincidence they call those tracking devices "cookies". More fool us people.
Freedon #streetartcollingwood
Apps have just taken over the world and no-one blinked. Like viruses, they are the invisible triumphant masters, not of physical life, but worse, of intellectual life, of collective consciousness.
I don't want to make fun or be lighthearted about the virus analogy, especially given the present (world) crisis in West Africa, but Apps are in many ways a deadly virus. A mutating virus. Once law, or ethics, or popular opinion dictate a protocol they simply adjust, change, and continue to thrive. Where a virus thrives on principles of nature dictating survival, Apps thrive on the promise of the dangling carrot, that is money. With the assurance of the stupidity of the masses. Us.
Moving away from the viral analogy, to the capitalist undercurrent, are Apps in fact the two dollar shop of the Internet? The endless stream of plastic shit that is made in third world factories and used twice but western twats? That makes a very few extremely wealthy? My paranoia light just went on.

Why am I so scared about Apps? Because they exist in their simplest form, in a deregulated and misconstrued "cyber" environment. An App can post on your behalf (and thank you indolent dandy for having my back on that), can have breakfast with your mother, watch you sleep and steal your information. Well, maybe that is an exaggeration. I am not totally sure though.
Kerr St #fitzroy #cheesegrater #2007?
Bottom line? Apps simplify, give access where it was lacking, provide entertainment, connect us...but my cautionary word? Be careful what you wish for. When you click agree, you sign on a bottom line written by someone with a far greater agenda than your ambitions.

Ps. This post was written in an App. I couldnt fix format because I suck at HTML, so I deferred to the App. Reminds me of that Geocities joke page about the American Redneck and his brother who sucked at HTML (1990s). Where would we be without Apps? Go figure.

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