Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PostScript: Meeting Friends and Giving Rings

I sat down and before I had even selected my poison, Sniz asked about the Giving Ring. She was sitting with Kate who I didn't know yet, and Kate told me that she has a Giving Ring, that she wasnt wearing tonight. Bin gave it to her. I met Bin once before. I lamented that I could not decide, then Sniz suggested she might like one. We joked that Sniz might end up with a collection of them, and maybe wear them as nipple rings. We talked about how small the world is, the blog in Spain, my blog, and between wondering where the food was and finishing another glass, it happened. Decision made.

I am giving my ring to Sniz, Snizzy, Liz, with tongue in cheek because of mutual experiences past and present, but really because she is funny, a great person and I like her.