Sunday, November 13, 2011


I researched this post with a slightly wistful twang.  Part of me wants to be a Clanner.  The other part of me wants to be one of the masses who will always wonder, imagine and not really know.  That part of me wishes that there was no Internet, that we were back in the eighties.  Shrouded in mystery and frequently misunderstood, the Cave Clan has everything - comradery, mateship, bravado, history and infamy.  It is a movement really, not simply the ultimate Urbex, although it most certainly must be that as well.  It is the Freemasons without the really insidious undercurrent (and sexist/racist fat blokes).  And it's history is long.   If you can't bear to sit with your voyeuristic fascination any longer, as was my undoing, spend some time You Tubing/Vmeoing/Googling, and you will see some very moving tributes (BDP), some brilliant scenes of unity, adventure and fun.  They make for many a good editorial (see Vice "Kids of the Clan").  They make me wanna be George from the famous five again.