Friday, July 11, 2014

Crazy Graff Lady

If I am ever alone in my old age I have a wish list. I want a bulldog. I will call her Butch. She will sleep on the duman (dog human) bed I will design. i will sell the patent on that bed for a pretty penny.
I will live in a small house in the city somewhere. I will take Butch with me through the laneways at night. I will wear silver docs and I will tattoo my wrinkled fingers with the gordon clan shield and symbols.
I will have a red ute. It will be about 10 years old. It will have to be an auto and I will probably need a special car seat, if I have arthritis.
I will listen to the 'golden oldies' loud. Maybe death metal just to be ironic. But mostly Salt n Pepper, Nenah Cherry and Nirvana.
And best of all, my house will be tagged all over. Big, beautiful tags everywhere. Neighbours will call the council. Today Tonight will interview me.  And all the writers from all the burbs will strive to get up on the crazy graff lady's walls.