Saturday, September 3, 2011

This post has not been Instagrammed

I am not sure if I can blame Instagram, the dreaded lurgy or chaos, but I just haven't had the rhythm lately.  I feel a bit like Steve Martin in The Jerk (NB in my first version of this post I called him Steve Murray if that gives you a sense of the gravity of my problem) .  I have been walking past great Art (such as Anthony Lister on Westgarth Street) and thinking "I'll come back to that when my battery is charged".  I have been taking shots  of tiny stickers only to realise that I focused on the brick next to them, or worse, that they are the label of a softdrink the dude just purchased at Coles.  I have been so busy instagramming everything  (that really cool green bike on Brunswick street is a particular Fav) that I have been forgetting to upload to Flickr.
Enough about me and my woes, in among it I have found some fresh, new and very decent art.  Here is some of the Rad and inspiring shit that I have actually managed to notice lately...

Kaff-eine is rocking out some amazing new characters 

Makatron, I presume - he's commissioning all over Fitzroy 

Outside the Juddy Roller, new Cafe, the owner attracting the  best street artists in the country

Ishi 1 (?) found this slightly too late but it is still amazing