Sunday, November 11, 2012

Graffiti Management Fitzroy

Who doesn't love the smell of the Orange Oil and the sound of the high pressure hose, the council cars and the heavy duty brushes.  I particularly love the entrepreneurial private Graffiti Busters.  But I don't love any of them nearly as much as I love the smell of aerosol, the quiet movement and the clack of the can being shaken in a dark alley after hours.  That I love with no hint of sarcasm.

There is change in the planning for the City of Yarra.  For an explanation of what is currently under consideration in terms of sucking the life force, or should I say, cleaning up the streets of Fitzroy (and Collingwood etc)  please peruse the Images to Live By blog post.  For a visual demonstration of the effectiveness of this sort of intervention please see below....

 Above: July - ish 2012
 Above: October 2012
Above: November 2012