Sunday, February 27, 2011

Small Victories

I would like to congratulate everyone who assisted in counteracting the shameful vitriolic explosions against Melbourne Street Artists, that I like to call the WordPress fiasco.  The website formerly known as (I will certainly not promote its name) now, on the basis of its countless illegalities, reduced to a shadow of its former vindictive self.  What I personally learnt from this was to be more clever in how I promote the talented artists I love so much.  With such learning I continue on my Flashin' journeys.  Sometimes you may notice I have under represented artists, dropped off links to their work, or just not named them.  I hope as time goes everyone will proudly shout out from every laneway wall, from shoptops, on the cobblestones in sculpture, and in the exhibition spaces that showcase you.   In the meantime, I am quietly resuming business as usual, albeit with one eye open.