Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Merry Month of May

The month of May inspires activism, pagan ritual, poetry, song lyrics, awesome street art, exhibitions and surface POP.   I will start with the much anticipated Fiber Femmes ... I am so excited I'm daydreaming about it:  Baby Guerilla, Be Free, Doctor, Fresh Chop, Kaff-eine, Precious Little and Suki Equally thrilling is that E.L.K. has a solo show this month "Look what you made me do".

Vandal has been Sprucing around Fitzroy, still making me smile like a fool and scramble for my camera/phone.  Great stuff along Brunswick street that won't last long so I will bring you more of that soon. 

Nufevah is still RAD (trying to use popular vernacular - my preference is to tell you he is totally BULK ACE).  Check more out on the FYG website, which is totally awesome and thanks to whoever got me onto it.  

Speaking of ACE s701a is  absolutely firing!  I am totally loving it.  

Ruskidd is rocking, people are stringing up trees, and yes it is indeed the very Merry Month of May!

 The tags on the strings below say "black"

This Spruce has stayed up longer than I thought it would - I took this shot a couple of days after it went up.