Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nine random outpourings

I almost need to churn out 15 blog posts today.  I have so many  topics lined up in my head: images, thoughts and ideas.  They are creating a bottleneck because I have had no time to post.  If you can stay with me and scroll down, I will try to tick a few things off the list. I am limiting it to 9. I am saving my news on Klara and a few others for another day when I can dedicate a full post to them.   And yes, this blog HAS been instagramed.

First: I believe the above image is probably the is the work of SF.  SF is someone I have been photographing quietly for a while now (but I am not shouting out as some of his tagging looks a bit neonazi so I need to check that before doing a full post). Anyone know about SF/Sikel Freid?  You will no doubt have seen his insurgent stickers.    Anyway with reference to this image I think whoever did it has an innate understanding of lines and shape - they are thrown together so brilliantly.

The second thing to share with you is my utter bemusement at WTF the council are doing removing street art.  Why not focus on some of the shit that is really hurting Fitzroy (like the dickheads staggering out of the licenced venues at 3 am, smashing their beer bottles in the gutter and pissing on porches) ? The images below are out of order, image 1 is of a guy removing a gorgeous Be Free (image 2).

Third, I want to know is Civil back in our hood?  I have been seeing cheeky men pop up around the place.

Fourth: This is a striking paste up, by Guz.  I eagerly await more!

Fifth:  I really liked this paste up, at Backwoods Gallery, until I realised it has been placed over Kaff-eine.  So if you are the culprit, there is a reason I am not showing the whole image.  Please don't do it again!  If you can use some etiquette I will definitely post photos as your work is Rad.

Sixth: Barek's nymph is so cute, he needs to pay us another visit! Check out his photostream.

Seventh: I am dead impressed with Ishi one right now, seriously awesome stuff.  Check out his photostream.

Eight: You are probably seeing these paste ups around the traps.  I will investigate some more about the artist and post soon.

Finally, the Ninth thought to purge: I bring you the ever wonderful work of Phoenix.  More images to follow as I would like to dedicate a full post to Phoenix again.  BTW Vetti found some great Phoenix work a year ago.  Some of my old Phoenix finds here.