Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fitzroy February 2012 (or Didn't We Almost Have It All)

Whitney died!  I could not possibly post without acknowledging this.  Nor can I blog without acknowledging that I am a long way from home, and when I took off, the life of one of the most beautifully eccentric members of our Fitzroy community hung tenuously in the balance.

And what of February and its streetscape?

Nufevah's political voice broke (liquid velvet).  Burg's profile rose (awesome!!!).   Frankie slowly dished out lush colour leaving me craving more.  Doctor and Takie have been clearly having fun.  Paste ups with poor placement have appeared and for the most part taggers have accepted their right of reply.

I am going to keep sitting on the fence for a while, but I suspect, if February is any indication, that there are some rules that need revisiting for the sake of peace. Rules like nothing over street art legends, nothing over pieces.  Probably leave the throw ups alone too. But then again maybe I am being old fashioned...

In addition to this February has so far given us amazing pieces, thank you Awol crew:  Slicer and Adnate being out of this world.  Rone can't stop, won't stop, don't stop and thank god as it has been awesome.