Friday, October 28, 2011

Stickerporn and thank you Barek

You only have to search the tag stickerporn on Instagram to realise that, not only do all the greats make stickers, but stickers are as cool as aerosol or wheatpastes, just smaller and more easily transacted. You can't swap a piece on a wall but you can swap a sticker. Honesty, it is Stickers Without Borders out there. There is something tantalisingly nostalgic about loving stickers. It makes me 10 years old again, it brings out the stamp collector in me, the swap card nerd. I have some Bareks, some Kaffeines, and I intend to steal the Precious Little currently held by magnet to my fridge (sorry - you know who you are - you were asking for trouble flaunting it). Graft accepted! Special thanks to Barek for my Rad new collection...(who by the way features in a street art exhibition in Copenhagen soon!)