Saturday, August 9, 2014

The walls that went

My greatest flaw as a commentator on street art, graffiti and urban art 'discourse' is my point of reference. This being an assumption of impermanence,  difference and a direct link between art and social position. For the next while I am going to assume that all of my assumptions are false, and see where this takes me.

Urgent Notice: #profeminism and #antihate may cause Homosexia

I am an ex-member of the Global Bloggers Network. This is a network that emails the work of various bloggers around the traps, for members to take a look at. So, this morning when I was still a member, this shit hit my inbox: 
Ayn Dillard
We are to accept gays as they flaunt themselves in parades down our streets… ?but they get all...
GB Network: how's about you try screening selected blog content prior to dishing vile crap like this to unsuspecting members.
I also recently discovered that I may have "homosexia" because I have tried pot (or more accurately "weeds"). 

I was just listening into my son Dennis' room, when I heard him making plans with an urban to visit London to see "A book of more men". It's obvious that Dennis has consumed weeds and contracted homosexia because of it. I guess he doesn't want any of the offerings of House Murphy. Too bad that someone may end up calling Mr Ferguson, his boss tomorrow and 'advising' that no salary be paid to him for the next few months. God bless. -Martha

I do wonder if Martha is a fictitious character sending up the extreme right - I hope so. Brilliant if so. Otherwise I have a new obsessive hobby to follow instead of obsessing over the Westboro repressed automatons.

F.F.S! There I was thinking the #womenagainstfeminism was enough stupidity for one week. I mean, thank you for letting us know woman are equal. Maybe we can tell that to the families of the women raped and killed in India - that will be comfort for them, knowing it will now be safe for their other daughters to dare to, I don't know, catch a fucking bus.
I suppose I should be thinking of the perfect response, but this idiocy brings out the child in me. I would rather deface shit and laugh at them then try any futile use of logic. If they could reason, they wouldn't be this stupid. 

Stupid is harsh. I think that people who hold these types of beliefs may be suffering from a new syndrome I am hoping gets up in the DSM soon. I call it Acute Fucktardia (symptoms being bigotry, judgment, narrow mindedness, hate - more common in people who walk the earth voting right wing). 

I can't see a cure being found anytime soon, too many powerful institutions (many with lots of gold and chapels and hidden secrets) gain benefit from having these sufferers around. Bums on seats, and armies dumb enough to do their dirty work.

So if you encounter someone you suspect has the syndrome, just hold up your hand, maybe put a finger against their lips and quietly say " need to just fuck right off".  

Until we find a cure, this is the best advice I can offer.