Sunday, March 2, 2014

One comment awaiting moderation

When you neglect a blog it slows to a plateau pace of about 5 hits a day. But it is good to know that your audience can remain broad: from France to the Philippines, using Chrome through to Linux.

When you dip your toe back in, and you haven't been flashin' street pieces on the wave of their currency, you know it is going to be a bit of a gamble. Like, I know that I will be posting pieces and that I honestly couldn't tell you when they got up or if they are still there.  Does that matter? Is it okay to fall behind a bit?  I just like them so here they are.


In my most recent absence it turns out that I left a comment hanging, on my post about Bali (you know, fuck Mr Brainwash). This reader wanted to know where they could contact the artist Quint.

There are so many ways. I hardly know any of them because I am 'second degree connected'. I am not current. It's a very Gen X thing to be, you know, not quite there. And you young 'ns you know who we are all too well. We occupy Facebook and make it like an embarrassing older sibling's party with our Memes about Abbott and Cats, our endless armchair petitions and our "like if you remember"s.  We hooked into Flickr when you had already had worked out it was shyte. We are constantly chasing you down and destroying your cool.

I am actually scared to tell this reader of mine (my 20% daily audience) how they can contact Quint because I will sound like a dad trying to stay groovy. WhatsApp? Snap Chat? Foursquare? WhoTheFuckKnowsAnymoreApp?

Really cool exhibition I forgot to post about
Adelaide Fringe 2014 (one reason you won't find me flashin' Fitzroy is that I am never fucking there)
My go to is Instagram, and for anyone else who is interested, you will find Quint there. We are all there. Artists, enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals, fanatics, self and other obsessed stalkers, bloggers, friends, strangers, tossers, wankers, creepy people, bogans, intellectuals, fucktards and the uber cool.

#instagram #picoftheday #radelaide #iknowthisisnotstreetart
Call me old but I love it that I can post an image on Instagram and some dude in Russia with a Japanese Spitz and a shoe box apartment can 'like' it. It is a window into everyone's world. If you want to know how to contact Jo Bjelke-peterson's grandson, go to my #Strayamate pics. There is a pic on his Instagram of him in the back of a limo with Clive Palmer. Shit you not. This world is 2 degrees separated now.