Friday, November 25, 2011

Urban Scrawl

It's a modest title, because you could hardly call their adept work scrawl, particularly in collaboration where they bring out the best bits of each other.  They are: TigTab, Blacklodge, Kaff-eine and Precious Little.  They work Urban as a 3 dimensional and ever changing medium.  I cannot wait for this exhibition.  I hope to bring you more as the exhibition approaches, in the meantime, Presh Kaff revisited..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Presh Kaff

A wordsmith who can paint and an artist who can speak.  Precious fluidity, methodical Kaffeine.  The savant and the genius.  The Cook and the Chef.  Prash, Keff. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love Hate Love Since 2000

I love street art, and it's not something I need to say, I am sure this is understood.  So I don't really subscribe to "love hate love" - for me what's to hate?  I even love DN and all his inappropriate tagging.  Actually, if you look critically, it's spot on for location, timing and impact.  But that's another blog post and one I am not sure I am wearing the right armor for.  I know I know, it's not street art, its an insult to street artists, it is not even graffiti, taggers should be shot, blah blah blah ...

I am a huge fan of making things easy (paths of least resistance were the easiest mathematical concepts for me to grasp), so true to form I Googled "Love Hate Love", expecting a pathway straight to the source.  Instead I found an Indonesian Street Artist.  Fucking cool man! But not what I needed to see.  A "source" suggested Love Hate Love may be the work of our Klara, Urbex Queen, new talent of the year.  That makes sense to me because her work has definitely been tagged with the "Love Hate Love" stickers. Post Script: It is not Klara's work and remains a mystery...

So I am afraid after searching this cyberspace we occupy I am none the wiser and this post has no point except to present Love Hate Love, Street Art.  Enjoy! Oh and I blame the Pooley 2008 Family Reserve Cab Merlot that has befriended me but as I write this post I have a sinking feeling that I can only locate a couple of the Love Hate Love images right now...  So here are those along with a few random pics to remind you how awesome Fitzroy is...

Klara, I confess to have a huge Art Crush on you

How on Earth do I consistently find more Will Coles, that I have walked past a 100 times

And the Brunswick Street Gallery Hard Rubbish show was a treat...I must confess I have 2 of the TV's - this one is up for grabs if you can guess the locale...

What is not to love about an astroturf car?

This is just the goods, can't wait to see more

And finally Birdhat, Melbourne has been blessed by your presence once more!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I researched this post with a slightly wistful twang.  Part of me wants to be a Clanner.  The other part of me wants to be one of the masses who will always wonder, imagine and not really know.  That part of me wishes that there was no Internet, that we were back in the eighties.  Shrouded in mystery and frequently misunderstood, the Cave Clan has everything - comradery, mateship, bravado, history and infamy.  It is a movement really, not simply the ultimate Urbex, although it most certainly must be that as well.  It is the Freemasons without the really insidious undercurrent (and sexist/racist fat blokes).  And it's history is long.   If you can't bear to sit with your voyeuristic fascination any longer, as was my undoing, spend some time You Tubing/Vmeoing/Googling, and you will see some very moving tributes (BDP), some brilliant scenes of unity, adventure and fun.  They make for many a good editorial (see Vice "Kids of the Clan").  They make me wanna be George from the famous five again.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PostScript: Meeting Friends and Giving Rings

I sat down and before I had even selected my poison, Sniz asked about the Giving Ring. She was sitting with Kate who I didn't know yet, and Kate told me that she has a Giving Ring, that she wasnt wearing tonight. Bin gave it to her. I met Bin once before. I lamented that I could not decide, then Sniz suggested she might like one. We joked that Sniz might end up with a collection of them, and maybe wear them as nipple rings. We talked about how small the world is, the blog in Spain, my blog, and between wondering where the food was and finishing another glass, it happened. Decision made.

I am giving my ring to Sniz, Snizzy, Liz, with tongue in cheek because of mutual experiences past and present, but really because she is funny, a great person and I like her.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Expansive Ring

I have to update you on the Giving Ring project I blogged about recently.  It has gone international, and into the fourth dimension, that intangible web that grows thick in the air around us.  What I love about the project is that it showcases many of the positives of social media, being from my perspective, comradery, speed of information sharing, and an element less definable about connectedness with no physical barriers.  Enough deep stuff - here are the other bloggers talking about it:

In a very sweet travel blog in Barcelona.

Our local Vin Knight (who is an amazing artist).

The effervescent and delightful Jeweller Miss Katie Jayne, on her blog Kaleidoscope (scroll down to October 24th, and also peruse her images of Chris Massey with a fish brooch, dashing!).

And of course, there is me, this is my third post.  Searching for the answer, who to give to...This week, it will be a Fait Accompli... 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Precious Sticker Porn

I will have to repost this when i can get a decent image to do it justice, but so you know I could get used to presents like this.  Yes I did covett from a distance, hands on the glass and staring wistfully.  I was the kid in the candy store, now I am the kid in the tenements with the only soccer ball...well one of the first, anyway. Thank you precious heart x