Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Sold Our Lifestyle Out

I sense tension. I can only report on it and declare no allegiances. Fitzroyalty tells us that DN needs to meet Tres. Tres declares all over Rone's face that he has "sold our lifestyle out". I blame the unnecessary clean ups (Fitzroy is gentrified enough stop this purification!!!!) freaking us all out. Maybe you know the deeper story. Maybe it's a widening gap between purist crews and emerging artists. I will leave you all to ponder but will add to this debate that we need you all. Nufevah to Ghost Patrol, pieces to paste ups. The diversity articulates a dialogue that is of difference, but difference is at the core and it's good. I implore you all to raise the white flag for each other and declare war on the true enemy that is scrubbing down a wall as you read this...

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