Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Capuch is as mysterious and his name, which means the detached hood of a monks habit. I wonder if he is from here (i.e. from Earth, not only from Melbourne)?  I sense he was perhaps passing through when he proliferated paste ups in laneways, on shop fronts and down side streets throughout Fitzroy.  I continue to search for him high and low.  Google reveals little although strenghtens my fantasy of the mysterious traveler passing through - a musician perhaps?  The indolent dandy in his acute thoroughness makes mention of him and gives us an exquisite piece that even gives a recipe for cooking Rabbit, topical this close to easter.  I welcome any insights, any images or links from others more enlightened.  In the meantime, I mull over old images, walk wistfully past ageing paste ups and await in anticipation for more Capuch ...

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