Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shadow Project

Shadow ... Fate saw me at a sweaty, crowded Belinda Carlisle Gig last night so I sadly missed the opening I was Looking forward to (story of My life!!!) This morning is another story. Nearest dearest friends in tow I Didn't miss a beat weaving a trail from fitzroy to Miss Libertines (oldest Pub in Melbourne) and a wander round the Shadow Project drink in hand. And I tell you Well Worth the Trek (which took me down well trodden paths for a mini tour of our ever talented legends). People I encourage a gander at this small but dynamic and rich hand picked selection - We enjoyed a serene pause on the comfy bench seat to reflect and discuss. Sparcs you totally rock (!!!!!!) so keep it coming and I want more of you in the hallowed laneways around me .... I'll tell you bout our run in with Flake and the Tony Wolf guy another time ...

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