Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Wall (s)

The Urban Cake Lady that for months was its only mark has all but disappeared.  Then along came Ruskidd, I and the Others, Kaff-eine, Klara, s-701A, Precious Little and Ishi-One.  SF and BabryGrrl are the latest.  I love this wall! p.s. is that a Jilt tag on the paste up on the window or a Jilt paste-up?


Daz said...

Haha, now I know who the Urban Cake Lady is! Thank you for coming to the Easter photo exhibition in Drysdale, and for this wonderful resource that has just opened my eyes so much more. I'm new at this Blog thing (my first time) and have little idea what I'm doing.... The artists youve featured have a rare talent dont they? I feel like there are lifetimes of work to catch up on, so much to see out there. Thanks for your note cheers. Daz

The Fitzroy Flasher said...

Hey Daz cheers ! Yah was such a spin walking in and seeing your photos, awesome! Sorry this took so long to post I took a brief break!