Saturday, January 28, 2012

Throw Ups

Arty Graffarti did a great post on Y-aieks and reminded me to think about Throw ups and take them seriously.  They really are the woven fabric of the street.  They have the ability to set the mood of a lane like no other.  Walk past them, and you are walking past walls that talk.  Throw ups contain mystery and history.  One crew over another. Codes of ethics.  Tags and territory.  The origins of graffiti, locally grown.  

If you want to get more 'High Brow' and analyse this with an Art narrative have a look at 'How to Read Graffiti' or of course, Google anything you want.  But this is a good read.

TV Crew

So when you are out next, go search out a throw up, look at it, imagine the can, the hand, the hoody.  Throw ups speak the politics of what graffiti is and does.  And graffiti is the Godfather of the street.  

Zac - TV Crew

Visible from Brunswick Street, and probably not a crowd pleaser...then again, why not?


Sadly this wall is gone now, but I would argue that the Lush Sold Out wall was for a long time, the greatest showcase for throw ups in Fitzroy

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