Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anonymity and other self reflections

This post cannot be so pedestrian as to begin with apologies for an absence over the past few weeks. Actually there it is being exactly that. So why the absence? After about two weeks I kidded myself I was experimenting and wanted to know how long it would take for the traffic to my site to trickle to nothing. The nice news for me is that it didnt happen - aside from a dip, people are still finding and reading me, so thanks! I will be around more I promise!! But seriously I have been away cos i have been grappling with that beast called who the fuck am I ? You know that inner question mark that wonders what social media has done to who people are. Now that is a post I won't waste on this hasty night time entry... If I could work out how to post pics from an iPad I would. Instead I will make announcements....the most exciting being that Sprucie is back!!! You must recall my adoration for Vandal Spruce. Well he has an exhibition. Yay !!! Anonymity, May 3rd -6th 222 johnston st collingwood. There are event links but there was a venue and date change so best place to find info is Facebook. Alright, enough until I have photographs at my disposal....
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