Saturday, February 23, 2013


Fitzroy has gone a bit Omo bright since around the time that French film crew arrived a few months back and the South mob crossed the river.  Our streets have a hue that wasn't there before (aside from the consistent and long standing contributions of AV of course, and Lush). Call me a Fitzroyal snob but I feel a bit twitchy about us looking a bit too pristine and purdy. That North South divide for all its shortcomings has been good for resisting homogeneity.  Besides, the variable quality of paste ups have given us 'art critics and art fags' fodder that sustained us for years.  Now we have to find a whole new language to whinge about whats getting up in the laneways.   So thank God Lush is back, lushing up the place and generally agitating.  His Legal Bunny had me chuckling Fitzroyally for days...

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