Sunday, December 28, 2014

Copping the worst of it (Comme des Fuck Down)

I have overstimulated myself these past few weeks. I have a new camera: a Sony Alpha 7r. It's two purposes are: to do amazing pre-processing of JPEGS to upload by wifi to my phone and share. In essence, to be my smart phone.
The second purpose justifies the cost. Raw files that will end their journey as kick ass Tiffs that I will, the hope is, produce HUGE work from.
The reason I know that I am overstimulated is that I am seeing everything through an aperture, or an ISO or shutter speed. Not just the good stuff. Yesterday I spent 10 minutes taking photo's of the dashboard of my car.
The dog has copped the worst of this new obsession. That is okay because she is a super cute subject. And besides I need to learn. But soon I will need to remember what it was I used to capture when it was just me, my dog and the Samsung in my pocket.
Below is one of my early shots, I think it may have been taken on a Nokia, or an early iPhone.
Watch this space...

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